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Here at our UK factory, we have been manufacturing kitchen splashbacks for nearly 20 years and believe we have grown to provide the market leading stainless steel splashback.

Over the past two decades we have built up an unrivalled reputation and invaluable experience, culminating in us creating beautiful, British built, quality products, in a wide variety of attractive designs and colours.

Our experience, British craftsmanship and dedication to world class customer service makes us the number one choice for purchasing your brushed stainless steel kitchen splashback. Our stunning and varied range of designs and colours can be manufactured to depth of 12mm to create a solid finish but we can also produce the same range in flat steel. For those looking for the bespoke touch, we also have the facility to create your very own custom products.

If you're used to choosing glass for your kitchen, we believe you'll get the best of all possible worlds by switching to steel. Our splash backs are hard wearing, easy to clean, yet strikingly beautiful. They are ideal for the cooking environment and provide a beautiful addition to your kitchen for many years.

When it comes to choosing a stainless steel splashback, we can supply the perfect solution to enhance your home. Pick from our wide range in brushed steel and colour.

Any e-mails or telephone enquiries will be dealt with on Mondays, Wednesdays or Fridays only.

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